Frequently asked questions

  • What should I expect when I buy a call with The Lobby?

    When you buy a 30m call with one of our insiders, you’re guaranteed a friendly conversation with a current or former employee of the specific team & company you chose. Our insiders commit to giving you personalized recruiting advice, answering all your questions, and addressing the objectives for the call which you detail before you pay for the call. You are NOT buying referrals and insiders are under no obligation to refer you, as this would be a conflict of interest and unethical.

  • I can’t find anyone who works in the company or team I want to work for

    We are currently focused on elite finance roles and more specifically, investment banking analyst & associate roles. If you are interested in other industries, drop us a note at [email protected] specifying what industry you want so we can keep it in mind for upcoming launches.

  • Do I get the insider’s contact info or full name after speaking with them?

    Unfortunately, the main reason The Lobby can exist is because we respect the privacy and anonymity of our insiders. We’ve received feedback that this is actually an advantage for most candidates, who feel they finally get someone who tells them the nitty-gritty about their job and routine, without worrying about attaching their opinion to an identity and can freely speak the truth. We also don’t want their contact info to be sent to dozens of strangers who they haven’t agreed to speak with.

  • What happens after the call?

    After each call, you and the insider will both rate each other and provide us feedback on the call and the experience itself. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to make sure the best insiders stand out and help others. You will receive feedback from the insider across a few dimensions (behavioral, culture, previous experience); if it is indicative that you are a strong fit for the industry and/or role discussed, we will ask for your permission and then send you to other companies hiring for similar roles, telling them you’ve already been “pre-vetted” by an industry insider, which makes you very attractive to them.
    If the feedback is mostly constructive or negative, then please remember that this is the reason you used The Lobby and don’t get bogged down; chin up and work hard to improve! Every company, recruiting platform, and others, are limited from giving you real, genuine feedback on what to improve to become a stronger candidate for the job; they are concerned about liability, hurting your feelings, or company policy, but that doesn’t help you improve in any way. Take any constructive feedback and use it to come back stronger in your next call or in your future recruiting processes!

  • I have questions that aren’t answered here, where do I go?

    Reach out directly to our team at [email protected] or to our CEO, Deepak Chhugani at [email protected]

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Leave us your details and we'll get in touch with you

Leave us your details and we'll get in touch with you