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Break In

Many of the world’s brightest young minds are attracted to investment banking (IB), and often it’s for the wrong reasons. In this article I share my opinion on if IB is worth it.

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Investment Banking: Is It Worth It?

Spoiler Alert: It doesn't matter. This is what does...

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What should I study to break into investment banking?
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The Basics

One of my senior bankers once actually told me, “If the slides look pretty & professional, everyone is less likely to doubt the numbers."

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Investment Banking Pitch Decks 101 — What the hell are they?

Investment Banking Pros for Startups: Do the nontechnical version of coding, Save up money fast, Learn to work really hard and efficiently, while delivering quality...

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How Investment Banking Prepared Me To Be a Startup Founder

There are TONS of “no-no”s in investment banking. While most of you reading this are still hunting for your investment banking job, these are good tips for when you’re fresh on the job or doing an IB internship to land that offer.

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Top 3 red flags during your first weeks/months as an investment banker

This post is my basic explanation of how the investment banking industry works, without most of the fancy and confusing jargon everyone else loves to use.

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What the $^&*%# is investment banking?

The debate I hear most often in my own network: should I do investment banking or management consulting? Which one is right for you?

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Investment Banking vs. Management Consulting: Which one is for you?

Here’s my step-by-step method to get a job in investment banking, which has been effective & useful for both beginners and people already pretty advanced into interview processes.

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A Step-by-Step Guide To Land a Top Finance Job

A short guide to building the perfect resume for any aspiring investment banking analysts

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A Short Guide to Building the Perfect Resume for a Top Wall Street Job

Paying back student loans can be difficult for recent graduates to balance with other non-negotiable financial commitments like rent and groceries.

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These 5 financial services companies offer student loan repayment benefits

At The Lobby, we connect hundreds of aspiring investment bankers with real investment bankers at the world’s top banks (we call them insiders).

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What are good questions to ask investment bankers? For your coffee chats, interviews, and calls with The Lobby

Cover letters are probably the least important part of any job application at a top investment bank or consulting firm.

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Build The Perfect Cover Letter For Finance and Consulting Jobs

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